MusIQ For Life


A unique, socially interactive group music program designed for Adult’s & Senior’s. Perfectly suited to this stage in life and musical development, this program was designed to move as slow or as fast as required, addressing many of the age old concerns that have been echoed for years:

I’m too old to learn, I don’t have the brain power I used to have, My physical ability has been impacted and I’m too old to use a computer and so on… 

The study of Neuro/Biomusicology has proven the elasticity of the brain, in short, as long as you use it your brain will continue to grow at any age!

Using the ADVENTUS award winning innovative software technology, you are able to repeat lessons over & over until comfortable, you can progress at your own pace and explore your own creativity.

In this relaxed but progressive group program, we can help you become fluent in the language of music. With weekly teacher guidance, these classes are designed to encourage social interaction with friends, provide the ability to perform solo or as a group and it has special interactive tutor to assist you in-between lessons at home.  In these classes there is no such thing as a fail!

Inquire about MusIQ for Life in your area here:


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