MusIQ Club Connections


This revolutionary program uses music as a gentle strategy to help address the behavior and communication challenges facing students with special learning needs.  Using proven evidenced-based methods, MusIQ Club Connections leverages student’s natural fascination with technology and their love of learning music to help them develop connections with each other in group situations and with their families & friends. This musical journey enhances and encourages:

  • Fine & Gross motor skills
  • Create greater brain activity
  • Behavioral support & strategies
  • Early & continued social skills
  • Building cognitive & recognition skills
  • And so much more…

MusIQ Club Connections weekly classes require specially trained teacher guidance and detailed assessments every class. Home based activities increase the length of time the student engages with music and at the same time improves communication with family & friends while developing the skills to thrive!

MusIQ Musical Steps:

(Intensive Behavioral Intervention for students with special learning needs, 1:1)

Music can be extremely valuable in the process of addressing serious behaviour and communication issues. In this case the teacher works with a single student at a time with music as the context for the time spent together, the aesthetic experiences through music and the interactive, animated software provide a comfort zone for the student while the music learning provides a motivation for increased focus of attention on tasks.
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