MusIQ Connect

teenager group on piano suite

MusIQ Connect combines a uniquely engaging and effective weekly music class with daily practice at home using award-winning interactive software. Now, for the first time there’s a practical, affordable way for your school make a quality instrumental music education available to all students.  Each class is a positive social experience, and learning occurs in a way that feels relevant and exciting, leading to a high level of student interest and reliable progress.

The Adventus Approach to learning the language of music can be integrated into your school’s existing program with a modest investment in teacher training and equipment.  Teacher guidance includes weekly suggested activities, online resources, practice and sample assessments and student materials, from pre-school through High School, novice to advanced intermediate skill level.

Imagine the positive impact on your school if every student received all the benefits of a quality instrumental music education starting at a young age? In addition to the development of musical skills and knowledge, students participating in this challenging music program will benefit from faster rates of learning Math, Science, and Reading, improved listening skills, leadership skills, improved self-discipline, improved attitudes towards learning and better behavior in school.

MusIQ Connect is a super-vitamin for academic achievement. Families will benefit from seeing students develop at home, and this leads to improved community support of your school.

The Adventus MusIQ Connect model includes a sustainable financing plan so your school can begin to implement this proven program today.

Call our toll free 1-888-999-6434 or fill in the form below to receive more information on how to get this exceptional program in your school.


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