Canadian Music Program Launching in Michael Jackson’s 6th Grade Classroom

Nova Scotia based Adventus partners with Los Angeles School to Establish Breakthrough Music Program

Adventus Inc, known for its quality innovative music education solutions and Gardner Street Elementary School (LAUSD) are partnering to deliver a unique sustainable 21st Century music program to all K-6 students this fall.

Gardner Street Elementary, the last school Michael Jackson attended before becoming too famous to go to school, is located in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles. Ironically, the school hasn’t been able to afford a music teacher for ten years. Principal Ken Urbina and parents recently created a registered non-profit called ‘Friends of Gardnerville’ to introduce Adventus MusIQ Connect, a comprehensive instrumental music program.

MusIQ Connect combines modern teaching strategies and tools with the best traditional classroom strategies to help students learn to read music fluently, sing, perform on the piano keyboard, improvise, and compose. The teacher-led classes are facilitated by Adventus software featuring animated composer characters that ‘listen’ to students playing on their keyboard instruments and help students have fun while becoming fluent in the language of music. Adventus software also facilitates group performance and improvising, leading to students playing and singing together at a young age.

MusIQ Connect’s social classroom experience is complemented by regular practice at home using interactive software, which significantly improves student progress. Adventus CEO Jim Mullen states, “Traditionally, music programs that include real instrumental skill development have been out of reach for schools. Adventus software has achieved a breakthrough by helping teachers reach a new level of efficiency and student engagement, so these positive results can be achieved reliably for students in any school.” Statistics show that if left up to families, only 5-10% of children will receive this development.

Are the benefits of an instrumental music program too much of a luxury for California’s stressed education systems, or does this kind of program pay for itself? Recent studies consistently show that learning to read music and learning to play the piano lead to significant increases in rates of learning Math, Science, and Reading.

Principal Ken Urbina, a musician himself, is excited about securing these benefits for all students. “Students love to learn this way, and the sustainable nature of MusIQ Connect means this program will be working its magic at our school for years to come”, says Urbina, “I’m very pleased with the parent team that’s making this possible.”

Today, 95% of the 700,000 Los Angeles Unified students have no music teacher, and with increasing classroom sizes, few of the children will ever have an opportunity to perform on an instrument without MusIQ.

Friends of Gardnerville will outfit a lab with music workstations, and will purchase keyboards to rent to students for regular practice at home. Between the rental income, and a publisher grant to the school, paying the music teacher is within reach. “It’s a great strategy”, says Urbina, “at first we were concerned that we wouldn’t be able to find a music specialist to teach the program, now we’ll have resources to do that every year, built into the MusIQ Connect program.”

A nearby Guitar Center store with hundreds of celebrity musician handprints in their concrete walkway (Sinatra, Supremes, etc) has chipped in to outfit the school with keyboards, and even a new PA system. Dave Weiderman, head of artist relations for Guitar Center stores was on site for the announcement.

The school is the first in the Los Angeles district to adopt MusIQ Connect. Adventus CEO Jim Mullen is anticipating additional interest. “Gardner’s likely to inspire other schools by establishing this high-impact, sustainable, quality music program.”


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