Renouned Canadian Music Education Program Launched in Seoul

Adventus’ South Korean Partner Launched Adventus MusIQ Software at the Seoul Art Center

Korean families enjoyed a sweet MusIQ medley at the Seoul Art Center, the most presigious concert hall in S. Korea. Adventus Inc’s Korean partner Duzon E&H celebrated the launch of Korean editions of six award-winning Adventus MusIQ learning software titles.

In South Korea learning to read music and play a musical instrument is an important part of child development, and like most countries, the traditional approaches to music learning have remained the focus. But the winds of change are sweeping South Korea, where recent announcements of large investments in technology in schools are indicative of a society leading the way in using technology to improve education.

Adventus MusIQ software helps students ages 4 to adult learn to read music, play piano, compose and improvise. Students connect an electronic keyboard to the computer to use the comprehensive MusIQ learning system. In addition to ensuring students have fun but also an effective practice at home, the Adventus system is used by music educators to facilitate high quality instrumental group music classes, which are both enjoyable and more efficient than traditional strategies.

Watch the S. Korean MusIQ commercial: 

The motivation for parents and schools to engage with the new Adventus approach goes beyond giving the lifelong gift of music to their children and students. A quality instrumental music program causes permanent changes in the brain that lead to improved rates of learning Math, Science, and Reading. The Adventus approach is a very time efficient and cost effective way to increase student interest in school, to develop listening skills, and to develop self discipline, all of which have a big impact on overall academic achievement.

Adventus and Duzon E&H (South Korea) signed an exclusive agreement earlier this year for Duzon to distribute Korean versions of Adventus music education solutions in South Korea. This is market of 49 million people, where fluent music reading and piano skill development are recognized staples of student development.

About Duzon E&H
Duzon E&H is a leading online education service provider in Korea. It offers online English classes for all ages through its teaching center in the Philippines and self-learning professional courses for company employees. Duzon E&H is a subsidiary company of Duzon IT Group, the largest Korean software company that develops financial and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and related services for companies in Korea. Duzon IT Group holds the largest market share in financial management and ERP software segments in Korea.


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