MusIQ Club


This comprehensive after-school MusIQ program is ideal way for students of any age to learn the language of music, from novice to advanced intermediate skill levels,

MusIQ Club is a tuition-based program led by a qualified music specialist and facilitated by engaging interactive music software. Students learn to read music fluently play piano with both hands and steadily develop higher levels of performing, improvising and composing skills.

Class registration includes the full suite of award-winning Adventus software, age and skill-appropriate, for practice at home. This makes it easy for students to engage daily with their musical instrument. Parents can learn at the same time!

MusIQ Club includes regular assessments, recitals every ten weeks, and weekly communication to parents from teachers via MusIQ Club’s pedagogy is widely recognized as effective in creating well-rounded musicians with a heightened interest in further developing their talent. No matter what instrument students specialize in later, MusIQ Club is a near-ideal base from which to build.

In these effective interactive classes students learn all about music while enjoying positive interaction with friends.  The uniquely engaging and social nature of MusIQ Club classes are central to students ongoing interest, which is key to their success.

Invite MusIQ Club to your school or Register for MusIQ Club classes in your area here:


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