About Adventus

We are a world leading Developer & Publisher of Interactive Music Education Solutions.

For more than fifteen years, Adventus has worked closely with students, teachers, musicians, artists and software developers to create exceptional, innovative software solutions.  These software solutions facilitate an effective new approach that combines the best in traditional music education with a modern, progressive approach.

Through its innovative software technology and teaching methods, Adventus has successfully set a new standard in Music education.  Learning the language of music has never been easier!

cover3 copyThe Adventus Approach

Combines a judicious use of traditional and modern strategies in a group setting, students from novice to advanced Intermediate, develop the skills that students value, while providing a positive social experience in every class, making the developmental benefits of a quality instrumental music program more accessible than ever before.

  • Is easily integrated into existing programs from preschool through adult
  • Engages students with music and each other
  • Efficient training and weekly guidance put this comprehensive program within the reach of every teacher
  • Is realized in six model ‘MusIQ’ programs, with weekly teacher guidance and sample assessments for different ages and skill levels.

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